Zeendoc: EDM as a Service

Zeendoc: EDM as a Service

Intuitive and scalable, Zeendoc is designed and developed to meet the research and information-sharing needs of businesses and communities.
Interview with Charly Delsol, CEO at Zeendoc

Hello Charly, what does Zeendoc offer to its users?

ZEENDOC accompanies them in the dematerialization of their exchanges in accordance with the laws and simplifies the uses related to the documents of any company, for example:

• Dematerialize invoices and automate all processes associated with this type of document.
• Simplify accounting export with connectors for most accounting software
• Automate the sending in Chorus Pro of your electronic invoices to communities and public institutions
• Electronic signature for your business documents with a reliable audit trail and archiving of probative value
• Dematerialization of pay slips … and all the HR part (request for leave, training …)
• Dematerialisation and expense validation circuits
• And many other uses and applications regardless of the sector concerned

ZEENDOC provides its customers with a simple and efficient solution for storing, searching and sharing information. He becomes their personal assistant on a daily basis.”

Where did you get the idea to create Zeendoc? How was the project born ?

“The project was born simply from the core business of Sages Informatique, the publishing company of Zeendoc. Indeed Sages Informatique has started its activity in the dematerialization of archives and data backup. Customers were asking once their data scanned to be able to simply find this data, and especially to operate them safely.

This is how Zeendoc was born, a contraction of green and zen because it is acclaimed for the precious time saved by small businesses and SMEs. More than 82% of users say they save time with Zeendoc.
It is aimed at the operational staff, from the assistant to the boss of the company, which is why the project has always been to keep it simple to use and ensure rapid implementation and adoption by users. Yes it is a Tech product, based on the technology of Rad-Lad, in SaaS, hosted in France.

Zeendoc is today is in constant development thanks to the reactivity of our development teams in daily connection with the users. It is a product People, which adapts whatever the human logic to the application.
Zeendoc today is 70,000 users and more than 3,000 companies that it accompanies in their digital transition: Archive, classify, automate, exploit.”

Zeendoc has been hosted by Iguane Solutions since 2013 and since 2019 you have opted for a hybrid cloud solution. What were your motivations for making this choice?

“In 2013, the solution grew, we chose to migrate from a well-known public host to IGUANE for superior service and hosting quality. We rented the infrastructure at IGUANE and then integrated our own servers into this architecture.

Given the very high rate of progress of our solution, we have regularly added new servers to the infrastructure to allow for the processing and storage of ever larger volumes of documents. In 2018, we decided to migrate to a virtualized environment, which allows us to evolve more rapidly our need for additional resources, and allows us to gain more independence from the hardware. Some processing and non-critical individual servers remained physical servers, allowing us to optimize the use of hardware resources.

In this context, we have put in competition IGUANE Solutions, with whom we are already working without difficulty, with other well-known providers of the market. Given our ability to collaborate with the IGUANE teams, the specificity of our needs, and the proposed pricing, we chose to continue to trust IGUANE to support us in our further development.”

How was the migration project for your infrastructure on premise towards a hybrid cloud environment?

“The IGUANE Solutions teams helped us size the servers, and then gradually made the virtual machines available to us as we moved from physical to virtual roles.

Having first encountered difficulties with the hosting architecture that IGUANE Solutions had made available specifically for our servers, the IGUANE teams responded well and after consultation moved our virtual machines on an existing functional architecture.

Virtualized servers now work without difficulty.

Maintenance interventions on the host servers are well planned, are the subject of a very good advance information and post-intervention information that are very reassuring for a client like us. Communication with IGUANE Solutions teams is fluid.”

What types of services do you currently use at Iguana Solutions?

“Today, IGUANA Solutions provides us with a hybrid architecture consisting of a virtualized environment on the Iguana cloud to which 3 physical devices are connected.

Iguana Solutions manages the entire virtualization cluster, the network as well as the load balancing service.

The hosting also includes the provision of the Internet line, a VPN solution for administrators, a firewall, as well as hardware supervision of all devices.

To guarantee the performance and availability of storage, Iguana Solutions has proposed a solution based on NetApp hardware that is backed up daily on a remote infrastructure.”

What do you think about the quality of Iguana Solutions services? Did they meet your expectations?

“Whether before or after the migration to a virtualized architecture, we have always appreciated the quality of the technical service provided and the quality of the speakers on the project.

The IGUANA teams have adapted to our needs to keep a large part of the administration of our servers. They accompanied us in difficult times, trying to find solutions with us, focusing on the technical rather than commercial vision.
We are very satisfied with our choice of partner.”

What are the next challenges for Zeendoc, how can Iguana Solutions help you achieve these goals?

“Our desire is to become a leading EDM in Europe and we are confident that our partnership with Iguana Solutions will help us achieve this goal.”

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