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From an IT point of view, major service corporations, having moved from being solely BtoB to include BtoC, often adopt a pyramidal structure that is likely to act as a barrier to the achievement of business objectives and the application of new strategies.

How can a culture of innovation be introduced, how can business needs be met quickly, how can technical teams be given more freedom, and how can external partnerships be developed in total confidence?

Legacy system modernization

Transformer votre legacy grâce à Iguane Solutions

Legacy System Modernization

Over time, maintaining and upgrading legacy systems can become time-consuming
and costly, without meeting the essential requirements for transformation. Constantly playing catch-up is clearly not the answer.

Using the Cloud and open source technologies can effectively reduce technical debt and maintenance costs. Most importantly, they pave the way for further innovation. However, this requires that the company move its value assets to the Cloud and train its teams to develop unfamiliar skills and expertise.

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Delivering faster

Livrer plus rapidement

Delivering faster

Adopt the DevOps culture to transform your approach for more security, productivity and creativity. In any large service company with different teams using a variety of tools, methods and processes, significant communication problems can arise.

A lack of standardisation and industrialisation often complicates and delays product delivery. In this situation, there is a major risk that departments will turn to Shadow IT systems, which can be extremely detrimental to data security and to the company as a whole.

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