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Whatever the occasion throughout the year, seasonal sales, end of year celebrations, launch of a new application for the general public or a media event, IT platforms can be put under considerable strain. Their resilience is essential: it determines the success of the business model.

Scalability testing is now an essential measure for prevention. These tests enable an application or system to be validated and provide precise information on its limits and bottlenecks. Also known as stress tests or capacity or performance tests, their evaluation objectives may vary but they are all designed to ensure the required corrections are made at every stage of the project.

Through scalability testing, the traffic absorption capacity of a platform and its related application can be assessed, and this is done for every deployment. This testing is particularly important for systems with a high volume of updates and production releases, which can affect an application’s performance in unexpected ways.

By creating automated tests that simulate real users behaviours, Iguana Solutions can accurately determine the infrastructure’s capacity to support a peak load and assess at what point the system will crash.

Iguana Solutions then consolidates the test results in order to identify platform or application anomalies and drafts a remediation plan to correct potential architectural defects.


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