DevOps Managed Services

Automation, measurement & transparency

Managed services according to the DevOps model are based on three pillars: Automation, Measurement and Sharing.

As much a philosophy as a method, DevOps aims to establish all the conditions necessary for Ops, responsible for infrastructure and systems, and Devs, responsible for product and application development, to understand each other and work together in total confidence. When outsourcing services, the sharing of expertise and intelligence is especially vital to long-term success.

Iguana Solutions offers companies managed services according to the DevOps principles and pillars, ensuring a qualitative, effective and innovative partnership. In the field, DevOps Managed Services means access to automation tools, transparent interactions and KPIs, and a genuine improvement in the skills of the company’s teams.

Automation: build, run & change

Automatisation : build, run, change

Automation: build, run & change

Automation has become an essential process in adopting hybrid or multi-cloud architectures, as well as virtual machines and containers. Technological diversity requires that deployments remain repeatable and reliable.Virtualisation and Cloud infrastructures have forced technical teams to reconsider their approach to infrastructure management.

New paradigms are emerging: immutable infrastructure, ephemeral environments, autoscaling, blue-green deployment, etc.
These practices all involve automation.

To support companies with new technical challenges, Iguana Solutions provides a “DevOps forge”.
With this true end-to-end automation solution, environments can be managed programmatically, through an Infrastructure As Code and Configuration Management software suite, all of which is embedded within a CI/CD chain.

The automation solutions deployed significantly limit errors, accelerate the pace and rate of release of new functionalities, help synchronise the actions of all the stakeholders in the chain and enhance their technical complicity.
They also help ensure the company’s success by reducing time-to-market.

Terraform, Puppet, GitLab CI, etc.

Measurement: a 360° view of your platform

Measurement: a 360° view of your platform

Now that multi-cloud and hybrid platforms have become the norm, global system monitoring is essential.
However, because each platform or Cloud service comes with its own set of independent monitoring tools, it can be difficult for technical teams to maintain an exhaustive and coherent overview of their different infrastructures and services.

The monitoring solution deployed by Iguana Solutions interfaces with all hyperscalers (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.), as well as with “On-Premise” infrastructures. It centralises the data collected from these various environments within a single tool.

With the Iguana Solutions 360° monitoring tool, teams are provided with a complete and centralised overview of the health of their platforms:

- Collection:compile metric data from all of your systems and services;
- Visualisation: display the collected data in a customised dashboard;
- Alerting: set alerts based on predefined or custom thresholds;
- Retention: define your long-term retention policy using a flexible resampling policy.

Prometheus, Victoria Metrics, monitoring,time serie database...

Sharing: transparency and collaboration

Infogérance DevOps

Sharing: transparency and collaboration

The final DevOps pillar applied by Iguana Solutions is sharing. The practice is based on two key areas: information transparency and team collaboration.

Information transparency 

All the tools used to maintain the platform are accessible and shared with businesses. Internal technical teams are given direct access to the monitoring solution used by the Iguana Solutions teams and a comprehensive overview of the various configuration files constituting their infrastructure (Terraform, Puppet, etc.). 

This sharing of information and tools ensures that all stakeholders are aligned with the same indicators. It facilitates and promotes collaboration, an essential process for the success of a long-term project.

Collaboration towards autonomy 

The aim of team collaboration is to transfer skills and best practices. All the code and configuration files created to administer a company's platform are saved in a specific Git repository.

This collaborative tool offers technical teams the option to work on their platform together, gradually encouraging the company's employees to manipulate and modify these files themselves. Employees can develop their skills in a secure environment while receiving support from Iguana Solutions’ expert teams until they are fully autonomous.

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