Kubernetes is, currently, the most popular container orchestration solution for developers. Kubernetes’ strength lies in its complete infrastructure-agnostic nature, making it ideal for deploying containerized applications.

The portfolio of solutions and services offering comprehensive Kubernetes cluster management is extraordinarily massive. Finding the right service for one’s needs is not straightforward and can lead to concerns about making the wrong choice for developers.

To address this issue and streamline developers’ work as much as possible, we offer Kube by IG1, our managed Kubernetes solution that leverages our expertise in infrastructure management. It provides a comprehensive range of features and services designed to simplify developers’ work and ensure the security and reliability of their applications.

Global Expertise

Global Expertise

Kube by IG1 is the on-premise alternative to existing solutions in the public cloud.

On-premise Kubernetes: simplicity, security and flexibility

THE solution to have a managed Kubernetes with the level of security and simplicity of a Cloud Provider on your own infrastructure! It's the best alternative to maintain control of your data while benefiting from the power and flexibility of Kubernetes.

For this solution, we leverage our more than 20 years of experience in infrastructure management and have carefully selected the best hardware components to provide you with the most resilient, high-performance, and perfectly tailored infrastructure to meet your needs.

Kubernetes on public Cloud

The expertise gained in the development and implementation of our own solution enables us to support clients interested in managing their Kubernetes clusters on the public cloud (AWS, GCP, and Azure).

To achieve this, our teams leverage the services offered by cloud providers to deploy Kubernetes clusters such as AWS EKS, GCP GKE, or Azure AKS as needed. This approach allows us to take advantage of the features and benefits of each cloud provider while benefiting from the expertise and support of Iguana Solutions.

DevOps by developers

DevOps by developer

Kube by IG1 has been designed for developers with a comprehensive and integrated DevOps approach.

Autonomy and Security

Developers can independently manage their applications from their workstations using the Kubernetes command-line tool (kubectl). Remote commands are all secured through RBAC access control accessible via SSO and encrypted with TLS certificates. This allows them to operate within a precise and secure framework.

Managed CI/CD

For an optimal developer experience (DX), Kube by IG1 includes managed CI/CD to simplify code updates. This integration makes it very easy to test and deploy code updates across all development environments available on the Kubernetes cluster. Thanks to managed CI/CD, developers save valuable time and streamline their workload. They can focus on their core business, developing new features, without worrying about infrastructure management or application deployment.


For a perfect DevOps approach, measuring and monitoring the platform is a crucial pillar. To achieve this, Kube by IG1 offers precise dashboards for tracking the behavior of applications. These dashboards are tailored to the needs of development teams, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Highly secure

Highly secure


Kube by IG1 is a secure, CNCF-certified, and ISO 27001-certified managed Kubernetes solution. It is built on infrastructure management best practices and advanced security features to offer you the safest solution possible.

High Availability

Kube by IG1 offers a unique cluster topology backup feature. This backup involves preserving the configuration state of all services within the cluster at a given moment. In case of mishaps, Kube by IG1 can quickly restore the cluster to its initial state.

Furthermore, all our clusters are deployed with high availability and come with SLAs of up to 99.95%. All of these features have one singular goal: ensuring maximum availability for your applications.

Regular Updates

Kubernetes evolves rapidly, with a new version released every 3 months! We guarantee regular updates to the cluster to ensure that it remains continuously up to date in terms of service and security level.

Iguana Solutions organized a 100% Kubernetes morning at its Paris offices.



On the program:

REX from Cyril Janssens, CTO of EasyBourse, who relied on Iguane Solutions’ expertise to optimize his infrastructure

and presentation of our work on managed Kubernetes solutions.

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