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The value of data and applications must not be compromised. Security is an essential promise of trust made to a company’s partners and customers. Finally, it is a reputational issue and a question of assuming full responsibility, for the benefit of the wider public interest.

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Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan: What Are the Differences and How to Choose? Within an information system, a disaster can happen quickly. While the risks of business disruption are always getting higher over time (network failure, hacking, natural disaster, or others), business continuity or recovery is crucial for companies. In fact, to avoid […]

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Kubernetes: restrict access to your K8S cluster

Mastering Kubernetes is not always easy especially when it comes to security. Through this article, from theory to practice, you will discover how to effectively manage access to your Kubernetes clusters. Read the full article on medium. This article was written by Jonathan Marsaud and Cédric Laudrel , System Engineer Experts at Iguana Solutions.   […]

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Case study: Kayrros grows scalable and reliable IT infrastructure

Kayrros leverages Platform Equinix and Iguana Solutions to optimize network, bare metal and storage services. The world’s leading carbon tracking company is transforming its IT infrastructure for greater scalability, reliability and security, while reducing data networking costs. Challenge Throughout the past few years, Kayrros’ global data analytics platform had been predominantly distributed across multiple service […]

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Case study Embleema: migration & automation on AWS

How Iguana Solutions successfully helped Embleema to deploy and securely manage the platform hosting their services Embleema’s Challenges As a Company handling health-related confidential and critical information and operating in multiple countries around the Globe, Embleema needs to make sure that their platform would be: Completely secured and in total compliance with local regulations Reliable […]

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