Case study Embleema: migration & automation on AWS

Case study Embleema: migration & automation on AWS

How Iguana Solutions successfully helped Embleema to deploy and securely manage the platform hosting their services

Embleema’s Challenges

As a Company handling health-related confidential and critical information and operating in multiple countries around the Globe, Embleema needs to make sure that their platform would be:

  • Completely secured and in total compliance with local regulations
  • Reliable to be accessible all the time
  • Performant to support the load caused by home made blockchain technology

In addition, Embleema was finding a way to deploy their platform from zero in a matter of hours in a new country if they decided to operate in a new area where regulation would impose to host and store their data locally.

Embleema x AWS

Finally, as many other companies, they need to find a partner to manage their platforms daily to focus on developing their business and software without worrying about the availability of their service.

Iguana’s Technical Solutions

Going beyond the regular platform management

Embleema x AWS

Embleema was looking for a reliable partner with strong knowledge on AWS. Iguana Solutions , AWS Select Consulting Partner certified, was selected thanks to its high level of expertise and partnership with AWS.

For Nicolas Schmidt, Embleema’s CTO, “We are very proud of working with Iguana Solutions. Their AWS certified experts helped us a lot to build a reliable and optimized platform with runs securely on AWS. And they are always available to support us when we want to create a new service on our solution” .

Iguana Solutions’ DevOps worked with Embleema’s team to build a scalable and easily reproducible platform. To respect Embleema’s challenge, Iguana Solutions used the following tools:

  • Terraform: Infrastructure as code tool: used by engineers to deploy infrastructure which is described in a text document
  • Gitlab: to host, version and manage Continuous Integration and Delivery of all code baseline used for this project
  • Puppet: to ensure the platform is always conform to the code baseline.

Embleema selected AWS to host its solution because AWS has facilities all around the world and offers lots of useful services to deploy securely and automatically a platform from nothing. Last but not least, AWS infrastructures are certified to host personal healthcare data. In France AWS is certified “Hébergeur de Données de Santé” (HDS). In the U.S, AWS is certified “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA). 

About Embleema

Logo Embleema

Embleema is the patient-driven healthcare blockchain network for secure sharing of personal health records. Hosted on a private Ethereum blockchain, Embleema’s consolidated, highly-secure repository provides the healthcare ecosystem with an undisputed and holistic view of patients’ medical history. Embleema is creating a decentralized healthcare data economy by connecting the key stakeholder in the healthcare industry, directly with patients while maintaining the patient’s data sovereignty.

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