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From a beginner to an advanced point of view, discover all our articles on kubernetes (self-healing, autoscaling, security…).

Customer story & Deep Dive on Kubernetes on premise [video]

Relive the highlights of our morning dedicated to Kubernetes and discover the insights of our expert Jonathan Marsaud in video.  Thanks to Cyril Janssens, CTO of EasyBourse, for his confidence and feedback on his collaboration with Iguana Solutions: we are proud to have accompanied EasyBourse in the containerization of their application and the orchestration of […]

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New offer, DevOps as a service: experts at your disposal

Iguana Solutions puts its experts at your disposal to reinforce your technical teams How to find the right technical profiles at the right time, for one-off or long-term projects? How do you take advantage of engineers who are immediately operational and integrate them into your teams? As a service provider specialized in hybrid cloud-based infrastructures, […]

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What is Kubernetes and how to use it?

The leading-platform for containers orchestration: from a basic to an advanced perspective This article assumes that you have some experience with bare-metal, virtualization terminology and microservices. We will start from zero knowledge about the container-world, describing the beginning of the era to understand what drove the need for containers, the first solutions to manage container-centric […]

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