Customer story & Deep Dive on Kubernetes on premise [video]

Customer story & Deep Dive on Kubernetes on premise [video]

Relive the highlights of our morning dedicated to Kubernetes and discover the insights of our expert Jonathan Marsaud in video. 

Thanks to Cyril Janssens, CTO of EasyBourse, for his confidence and feedback on his collaboration with Iguana Solutions: we are proud to have accompanied EasyBourse in the containerization of their application and the orchestration of their platform on Kubernetes Bare Metal.



We took advantage of this event to unveil Kube by IG1, our solution designed to transform and simplify the Kubernetes ecosystem, here is an overview of its key features:

  • Deployment and upgrade automation;
  • On-premises storage and network integration (PersistentVolume, LoadBalancer);
  • Advanced logging;
  • Integrated forge and CI/CD;
  • Cluster topology/data backup and self-service restore;
  • Integral monitoring and fine-grained privilege management…



Kube by IG1: a complete solution, designed to meet the modern challenges of application deployment and management will be available soon…Stay tuned!

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