GenAI applied to professional services: LLM vs RAG [video]

GenAI applied to professional services: LLM vs RAG [video]

Discover the presentation by our CTO, Mohamed Ben Braiek, on GenAI applied to professional services. 

The agenda of this video includes:

  • Introduction to GenAI
  • Detailed presentation of the RAG approach to address the drawbacks of current LLMs:
    • What is an LLM: advantages and disadvantages
    • What is RAG: advantages, challenges, and areas for improvement
  • Application: how Iguana Solutions will use GenAI in its projects, operations, and the services offered to its clients.

We’ll be hosting an event on GenAI applications on Tuesday, July 2 from 9:30 to 11:30am, including a presentation of our new plug & play AI platform. Please contact us if you’d like to register.

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