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As much a philosophy as a method, DevOps aims to establish all the conditions necessary for Ops, responsible for infrastructure and systems, and Devs, responsible for product and application development, to understand each other and work together in total confidence. When outsourcing services, the sharing of expertise and intelligence is especially vital to long-term success.

Platform Engineering: agility and DevOps

The emergence of platforms What do Deezer, EasyBourse, Spartoo, Photoweb and Molotov have in common, apart from being Iguana Solutions customers? All these services are popular online services that we use every day. But behind the scenes, these services rely on a platform to run. A platform brings together all the pieces of the puzzle […]

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Service Delivery Manager: a key role at Iguana Solutions

A Service Delivery Manager, an indispensable link in the IT service chain. In service companies, services are delivered in two ways: by project management (Build) and by maintenance in operational conditions (Run). At the crossroads of these two paths, we find the Service Delivery Manager (SDM) – a profile that is becoming increasingly common among […]

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New offer, DevOps as a service: experts at your disposal

Iguana Solutions puts its experts at your disposal to reinforce your technical teams How to find the right technical profiles at the right time, for one-off or long-term projects? How do you take advantage of engineers who are immediately operational and integrate them into your teams? As a service provider specialized in hybrid cloud-based infrastructures, […]

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Top 3 Terraform DOs and DON’Ts

When working with such an advanced provisioning software as Terraform, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. What are the best practices to follow? What mistakes should I avoid? That is why Iguana Solutions’ expert team compiled the Top 3 Terraform Dos and Don’ts to help organizations to embrace this amazing open-source Infrastructure As Code tool created […]

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4 Ways Terraform Can Improve DevOps Adoption

There are many tools that can help implement DevOps culture in an organization. One of them, much appreciated at Iguana Solutions is Terraform. Few IaC tools are as flexible, powerful, and useful as Terraform. It is for this reason that we have dedicated this article to explain the benefits that this tool can provide to […]

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DevOps, The Ultimate Path to Customer Satisfaction

Adopting DevOps doesn’t have to be a difficult and exhausting process. In this article, we will analyze how with the support of Iguana Solutions you can implement DevOps in your organization quickly and efficiently in order to boost the level of satisfaction of your customers. Contrary to what many people think, DevOps is not a […]

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