Energy Consumption: Our Partner’s Data Centers Are Ready

Energy Consumption: Our Partner’s Data Centers Are Ready

In a tense context where energy consumption is at the heart of our discussions in France, energy sobriety is necessary, and the government has already announced that possible power outages will be expected this winter throughout the country.

For 20 years, Iguana Solutions has been offering its clients hosting and managed services 24/7 to ensure the performance and availability of their most critical applications. To ensure the hosting of its infrastructures, Iguana Solutions relies on its selected partners, data center operators leading in their market, offering extremely high levels of availability.

The core business of our partner data centers is to deal with power outages in any context. Data centers actually suffer several outages throughout the year without any impact to their customers thanks to the various high availability mechanisms put in place. To cope with these incidents, data centers have, for example, inverters, batteries, and generators that take over in the event of a power outage.

Therefore, even if the grid manager has to perform power outages this winter, our data centers are able to guarantee the smooth running of their operations for 48 hours without being powered by the public electrical grid. They have priority over the supply of fuel, allowing them to power their generators, and guarantee their activity.

To maintain their quality commitments and the services provided to their customers, all components of this system are tested quarterly. A simulation of global grid outage is also carried out quarterly or even monthly, depending on the data centers, to verify that the entire chain is functioning correctly.

Aware of the need to reduce their energy footprint, the data centers with which we operate also have invested in more energy-efficient cooling systems, such as free cooling, to use outdoor air, a free and unlimited resource, to cool the interior of the data center when the outdoor air temperature allows it.

All of these methods as well as the technological progress of the installed equipment, such as more efficient processors, SSD or NVME drives severely limit heat production, etc. make it possible to reduce the electricity consumed to power and cool the equipment.

As part of its continuous improvement approach, Iguana Solutions regularly replaces its equipment with new, more efficient hardware: Lower consumption and equivalent performance. We also encourage our clients to do the same with the infrastructure we host for them. The efficiency of the new hardware is such that we can offer more computing or storage capacity in a space that remains constant.

Finally, now that every gesture counts, we invite all of our internal teams and our customers to reduce equipment that is not useful to production. Typically, these outages take place on evenings and weekends in development or pre-production environments.


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