Renewal of ISO 27001 certification

Renewal of ISO 27001 certification

The first milestone of the year 2023 has been reached: we have just renewed our ISO 27001 certification for 3 more years!

This renewal rewards our efforts to continuously improve the security of the platforms we manage. As great news does not come alone, we took the opportunity to include all the employees of our French, American and Tunisian subsidiaries! 

ISO 27001 standard

ISO 27001 is a standard that describes measures to follow to guarantee a certain level of information security. This standard provides guidelines for the implementation of a precise risk analysis that is regularly challenged during the life of all projects. 

This certification is valid for three years after an audit by a certified organization (Bureau Veritas in our case). During these three years and in order to guarantee the seriousness of the certification, an annual follow-up audit carried out by the same organization validates the company’s compliance.

We obtained our first ISO 27001 certification in 2020 and in the last 3 years we have been able to reduce the number of major incidents by 5 (those with a significant impact on production).

We are proud to announce that over these three years, we have not experienced a single critical incident! When an incident occurs, thanks to the hard work of all our teams, we have improved our processes to deal with them efficiently.

In addition, we have decided to be more transparent about the maintenance operations of our platforms: any maintenance operation is communicated before to the concerned customers letting them to take any necessary measures.

What does it change?

Nothing! The renewal of the ISO 27001 certificate does not change anything for Iguane Solutions nor its customers. The renewal we have just obtained means that we have successfully completed our compliance for the 3 years of our certificate and that we are fit to continue our efforts for the next 3 years. 

In 2023, more than ever, information security is a major concern for any company and obviously for Iguane Solutions, which is in charge of managing our customers’ critical infrastructures. This renewal confirms that our efforts are never in vain and that we must remain alert. All of our teams are regularly trained and made aware of our security commitments in order to offer a quality service.

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