Ig1 Cloud Processing

This is the simplest and powerful solution to encode and stream immediately your multimedia content.


Management via a REST API from upload to streaming


Preset configuration and file queue auto-scaling for the best quality in less time


Unique token per file combined to a secure cloud keeps your rights safe


Last Generation CPU for best performance

Stream multimedia content via a complete REST API

Advanced API

Cloud Processing has a powerfull API that drives eveything you wish to do for your content and can return available data in multiple easily parsed formats such as XML, JSON and PHP.

HD up to 8K

Cloud Processing supports hundreds of files formats and can encore into all standards formats such as H264, H265 and HLS videos. It support videos up to 8K!

Smart Queue Processing

Cloud Processing continuously optimizes tail's management of file's encoding to provide better and faster processing especially with our Automatic Elastic Scaling process.

Enforce Digital Ownership

Cloud Processing can protect parts of your content against hijacking or simply generate auto-expiring streaming with secure access tokens on-demand. This way you only pay for your legitimate trafic.

Smart Presets

Out of our experience, we defined smart presets to help you finding easily perfect settings that matches with your espectations.

IP and multi-CDN Broadcast

You can choose default or advanced multi-CDN setting to broadcast your content. With a single price per mbps, you can freely choose witch CDN you want to use to deliver your content.

Simple, Scalable & Powerfull process


You can upload your content via FTP/sFTP/HTTP, REST API or via our backoffice. You customize your processing while you order them with a lot of possible output settings such as (format, size, bitrate, etc..) The processing is done by CPU farm powered by Intel/AMD multi-core technology and improve fast parallel processing.


Once your tasks are completed, you received a notification and files are placed on our Storage Cloud. You can then download or directly broadcast them from it. Your content is safe and you can manage with your favorite way (web ui, network FS, object storage call) and you can check growth and usage statistics.


Once your medias are processed and stored, you can broadcast them through our network or via CDNs we put the best available web streaming experience at your disposal. With best-practice and latest technology to reach all your targeted devices.


If your project required specific constraint (custom integration, secure access content, geographic restriction or target a specific market) all our expert can help you to deliver an all-in-one services to focus your team on your additional values part only

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