Business Intelligent Software : BIS

A unique BIS

Out of our experience, we have built an amazing business inteligent software and client interface system. It's easy to use, it assure complete transparency, it helps to solve problems fast and save real time and real money. 

How does it work?

Here are the basics of how our Business Intelligent Software works.

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Here is a quick list of the most significant features of our Business Intelligent Software. 

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How does it work?

Here are the basics of our Business Intelligent Software. To log-in you just have to go on and clic on the upper right link 'log in'.

One place to see everything!

  • History of interventions

    You can follow avey intervention that is made for you with details and duration.

  • Open and closed tickets

    You have access to all support request still being processed in a page and all the processed ones in another.

  • Monitoring

    You have access to all the charts generated from the probes we install on each equipment we manage for you.

  • Proposals and invoices

    You have access to all your proposals and invoices we have made for you since the first day you become one of our customers.

Key features

We have a dedicated team to our BIS. For the past 6 years, each time we encounter a new situation that we had not anticipated, we integrate a new feature in our BIS to manage this case. Here are some of the key features included inside our business intelligent software.

Why Should You Choose Us ?

There are a lot of web hosting companies, but they are not all the same, when we first built Iguana, we wanted to build a hosting resource for serious entrepreneur and businesses so we knews that everything we did must add to their competitive advantage.

Great Clients

Because great clients will allways speak more than any marketing argument.. We would like you just to have a look to our Portfolio. 

Single Worldwide Ressource

We can assist you in your worldwide growth since we are already on three continents for many years. 

Great Infrastructures

We have the most demanding critera for every city we enter. We are rigourous in selecting data-center, installing state of the art servers and establishing great network performance.


Great Team

We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team. Each and every one of them represent the spirit of our company.


Out of our experience, we have built an amazing Business Intelligent Software and client interface system.

Dedicated Support 24/7/365

Our team is dedicated to our customers 24/7/365! (from 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT+1) by mail, phone and skype other time by phone)