Security Services

Security services

Iguana considers security as an essential feature of a plateform.
From best practices to specialized hardware and architectures, we make sure your data and services are safe. 
Add this to our cloud-based solutions and you get cost-effective security risk mitigation and vulnerability remediation.

Passive Security

Starting with an infrastructure with security as a first-class citizen by implementing the best practices with dedicated hardware and tight policies will ensure you can focus your energy on customer visible applications.

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Active Security

As your infrastrucrture lives and evolves, we test it on a regular basis for potential flaws or entry points. You want to make sure everything is up to date and closed as expected.

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Security Consulting 

Leverage our experience with large-scale, highly visible infrastructures to build your security policies and compliance rules.

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Passive Security

Security lies in multiple design choices for your architecture. We can help you build the right policies and use the right hardware depending on your requirements.

Network isolation

Splitting your applications into modularized components each lying into its own isolated network is a good start. It makes sure every communications has to go through an active network equipements implementing filtering, analysis, pattern matching and auditing.

Permissions and tracability

No individual nor application should have sufficient rights to get access to all your infrastructure. We help you build policies and PKIs that ensure a good auditing comes with most critical actions.

Active Security

We run penetration tests on your information systems (blackbox and whitebox) to uncover vulnerabilities.
Your applications, infrastructures, networks, VoIP and mobile devices are tested against most recent known security issues.
Our experts are not limited to software: they inspect hardware as well.

Penetration testing

From blind tests ran from outside our network to in-depth application code analysis, we help you make sure everything stays secure.

Usual flaws (SQL and code injections, cross-site exploits, system level security holes, etc) are tested  along with custom URLs and protocol exploitation.

Software survey

Our engineers and security experts are keeping tabs on major software vendors announcements. We can notify you if any major security related releases should be deployed.

Security Consulting

Because security audits are rarely enough, our engineers are ready to help you to implement critical security processes throughout your organization.

Compliance audits

When software and hardware auditing is not enough, we check your organization compliance with indicators described in a wide variety of standards and objectives (ISO 27001 to ISO 27007+).
Auditing reduces your security issues, improves your infrastructure knowledge and increases your stakeholders trust.

Concierge Security Engineers

As vulnerabilities variety widen, security engineers need to increase their specialization.
Available when you need them, specialized CSE optimize your time-to-value.
CSE are well suited to query large amounts of data generated by Security Information and Events Systems.
Along with a cloud-based solution, you get the best tools operated by the best engineers.


We don't work alone. Here are some companies we work with to provide you the best service for your network infrastructure.

  • arin
  • brocade
  • cisco
  • equinix
  • france_ix
  • linx
  • juniper
  • ripe

Why Should You Choose Us ?

There are a lot of web hosting companies, but they are not all the same, when we first built Iguana, we wanted to build a hosting resource for serious entrepreneur and businesses so we knews that everything we did must add to their competitive advantage.

Great Clients

Because great clients will allways speak more than any marketing argument.. We would like you just to have a look to our Portfolio. 

Single Worldwide Ressource

We can assist you in your worldwide growth since we are already on three continents for many years. 

Great Infrastructures

We have the most demanding critera for every city we enter. We are rigourous in selecting data-center, installing state of the art servers and establishing great network performance.


Great Team

We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team. Each and every one of them represent the spirit of our company.


Out of our experience, we have built an amazing Business Intelligent Software and client interface system.

Dedicated Support 24/7/365

Our team is dedicated to our customers 24/7/365! (from 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT+1) by mail, phone and skype other time by phone)