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Better than anything we could tell you about your interest of having a partner such as Iguana Solutions USA, discover what our customers say about us..

  • Daniel Marhely

    Deezer.com “ ”

    In 2007, Iguana Solutions USA believed in Deezer... They have always given us the best treatment, and they have real know-how and a real ability to adapt. We have had an enormous amount of support, advice and responsiveness from them, since the start of our collaboration. 5 years on, and this is still the case, and it’s just the beginning: we are in France, and if everything goes well, we will very soon be international. We aren’t ready to leave Iguana Solutions USA just like that, we work with very few providers in that way, so I hope it’s a relationship that lasts!

  • Benjamin Bejbaum

    Dailymotion.com “ ”

    They knew how to respond to its needs in terms of responsiveness and availability: faced with major growth in terms of servers – going from 2 servers in 2005 to 150 by the end of 2006 – and of setting up a systems and networks architecture that was required to handle this extreme growth. A good host always has technical overcapacity, which allows them to react to traffic peaks, especially with Dailymotion. It’s because Iguana Solutions USA knew how to be quick that Dailymotion was able to come into existence.

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