Here are our top picks from the world of tech last week. Lots of interesting releases but our favourite was a little ‘out-there’ this week – the magic transparent iphone.

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– Transparent iphones is the new patent filed by Apple. It plans to project live video images via an app’s background from the camera onto the screen. No need to pay attention to texting whilst walking, eh?

Schneider Electric wants to develop custom and cloud-based software for customers  in diversified industries. It now uses the Windows Azure platform combined with its StruxureWare Resource Advisor technology.

– Office is to feature on the Ipad! Microsoft created a new version of Office, as a free app, though users need to subscribe to be available to create or edit content.

– Facebook has ambitious plans to provide net access to the world by drones, satellites and lasers. Not much is revealed however it will include a fleet of solar-powered drones as well as low-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites.

– And finally, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter modernize old-school databases as they’ve teamed up to create WebScaleSQL, a new version of MySQL specialized for large scale web companies. Their changes to the database will be open sourced, meaning they’ll be freely shared. The companies plan to contribute their changes back to the original MySQL project.

And there we have it! Do you have any other stand-out pieces of tech news that caught your eye this week?