Facebook buying WhatsApp was the big headline which dominated our screens, but here is a roundup of our picks from last week which we think should not be missed!


netflix– Comcast and Verizon customers announced that they were having severe trouble with streaming Netflix due to Netflix’s change in measurements, a possibility of the ISP’s throttling traffic and the range of services Netflix provides. There’s been no proof of these ISP’s bottlenecking, but the Federal Communications Commission plan to look further into this.

google fiber

– Google Fiber has one of the highest speed rates at a mighty 1 gigabit per second, but they plan to pick their speeds up by a factor of ten. As we’re moving into a world of ‘The Internet of Things’, who wouldn’t want to have a network that boasts speeds of 10 gigabits per second?


– Online crowdfunding website Kickstarter unfortunately announced that hackers got hold of some of their customers’ data. The security breach saw hackers obtaining passwords, phone numbers and email addresses but luckily ‘no credit card data was accessed.’

– And finally, Google have revealed ‘Project Tango’ where they plan to develop phones which will automatically map the inside of your house. Google explained that they want to break the boundaries of the screen and give mobiles a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

So how about that? These significant announcements are set to play a huge part in the game of tech and business. Who knows what else is to happen this week? Stay tuned for our weekly tech roundups on our blog here. http://www.iguanaworldwide.com/blog/