Another step in the cloud

Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, Windows Azure,… Those are names you may have heard of. They are providers of PaaS, or Platform as a Service. But what is it?

PaaS is externalisation of a part of a platform. It is between IaaS, where you rent hardware and install everything on it, and SaaS, where everything is installed and managed by your provider. With PaaS, you externalise the standard components of your stack: hardware, OS, base software. It is a ready-to-use platfrom where you just need to deploy your application and data to be ready to run.


PaaS offers the best compromise between standardization and customization: all the standard components are managed for you, and you keep complete control over your application and your data. It allows you to have quick and easy deployment to a new platform.

Use case

PaaS allows you to have very easy scalability and achieve high availability. Let’s imagine a structure where you have an application instance behind a broker:


It is where PaaS enters into account: each instance of your application, behind the broker, is an instance running on a PaaS. When your site is under heavy load, it is possible to create a new instance of the application between a broker almost immediatly, with replicated configuration and data access, ready to absorb the additionnal influx. When the load goes down, theses instances can be stopped, reducing usage and cost. The whole platform is then capable of adapting itself depending on the usage.

In the same way, it is also very easy to update the application. As each nodes share the same configuration, you just have to push your new application to your PaaS, and everything will get updated the same way, even if you have 3 or 300 running instances.


PaaS can be integrated as part as your current workflow, and in an automated manner. Plug it to your integration server and development repository, for efficient and precise deployment.


The benefits are multiple: you don’t have to manage hardware and common software infrastructure, you can focus on your application, you can start and stop instances on-demand and automatically. This way, you handle high loads and rapid deployment cycles with speed and in a cost-efficient way.

Our team of experts are able to help you in deployment of such a solution for your applications. Our infrastructure is able to support your project with the required availability, safety, and scalability.