This month we are proud to showcase some of our client projects, which made it to the press.

Living the change


The world is in a constant change. But you, as an individual, you may not be able to notice this. BNP Paribas’s project, Living the change, is here to help you with that. Through an ensemble of numbers and other samples, this website will help you to see and understand how the world is changing. A bird-eye vue on our world, our technological progress, and other changes we are experiencing maybe without knowing it.

After accompanying them during their project, Iguana provided a high availability infrastructure on its cloud platform, and proceded to load testing for the website before an important communication campaign.



Feeling like social networks are too large? Aready wanted to have a more human-sized social experience? Peuplade is the answer to that!

Peuplade is aimed at local communities, like neighborhoods. It allows small communities, in walking distance, to keep contact and have social relations online. It rejects long distance social links and globalization, as Peuplade thinks that the relations with who you are close to you are important too.

Iguana hosts peuplade on its Cloud and helped during the development and the deployment of a new version of the website in NodeJS.


What if you could earn money with your old recipes? Now you can, thanks to Recipay.

Recipay allows you to share all your recipes, which will then be read by other users of the website. Recipes are validated by moderators and well-known culinary bloggers. The website also provides various challenges with defined topics to showcase your creativity.

For Recipay, Iguana prepared and optimized Recipay platform before a broadcast on national TV. We added a CDN, optimized cache headers and tuned systems to make Recipay website capable of handling the heavy load.

You too, pair with Iguana’s expertise to ensure a successful launch of your projects.