Tech journo and expert Marc Saltzman saw the sights and scenes at this year’s CES and gave us his views on the best products on show at the electronics event.

What piece of tech impressed you the most at this year’s CES and why?

Automotive tech, wearable tech and 4K TV’s were the big spectacles at this year’s CES but if I had to pick a personal favourite, it would have to be the 3D printing space by Cube. I believe this is a revolutionary and impressive piece of tech by Cube, but I don’t believe that it is for the consumer as it’s too expensive and time consuming.


What are you most excited about from Sony’s announcements at CES?

This year, Sony are on an upswing as they prove why people love them as a brand. Their 4K offerings and Playstation Now show how they’re the only company who can deliver a full circle experience. I’d say I’m excited about the 4K TV but I’ll need to play the Playstation Now to believe it!


Tell us about the automotive tech that was on display at CES

The displays on show were pretty awesome, everything from driverless tech to driver controlled. Audi really impressed this year with their self-driving car but Hyundai’s Genesis Intelligent Assistant app was pretty cool – it sets reminders and advises you according to what your friends are doing and what is happening outside, I suppose it’s a bit like your mother!


What do you think of that? That’s all for part one, but next week Marc continues his review on the big monsters at CES ’14 and what’s in store for tech in the next few years. Keep up to date with Marc’s digital and tech updates and stay in touch with ours for more news on the cloud.