CES 2014 day 3 brought with it some exciting new releases in the gadget sphere.  Sonny Vu, the founder of Misfit took an unassuming role within the huge conference space and took the opportunity to display a few samples of Shine, the company’s new activity monitor. Though the company and product are small they stood out alongside a trend that has been building this year at CES which is the new age of consumer electronics and startups.

Shine itself fits nicely into the wearable technology sector that’s got everyone’s tongues wagging by delivering personalised activity tracking technology across your day – similar to the Nike+ Fuel band but with a slicker, quarter sized design. “It’s definitely easier to build these types of things,” Vu said. “Crowd-funding has really changed things. And now, people are wide open to buying things that don’t come with a big brand name. It’s a great time to be in this space.”

A report by Consumer Electronics Assn., projected global consumer spending in technology will drop by 1% in 2014. Equally, the 66% of consumers that spend money on smartphones and tablets will only be hunting for cheaper, smaller versions as time goes on, which in turn generate less profit. The CES ‘golden age of startups’ is testament to what Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis at CEA was saying; “we’ve really taken the cream off the top in terms of selling to the premium, high-end markets”. The event itself has grown astronomically and the number of fresh faces in the tech category are eye opening.

Over the past few days we’ve seen the influx of mind bending gadgets, reworks of old models, prototypes galore – from the 120-inch ultra-high definition TV from Vizio, a curved TV from Samsung to a text responding LG refrigerator. The Sony keynote got people really excited and even spiked their stock price by 1% – the fuel for the impact? Huge TVs with cloud powered technology through Playstation.

Music giant Pandora also boasted that they have now moved up to more than 125 million registered users. This is most likely due to the fact that Pandora is now deployed on more than 450 consumer electronic devices, an increase of 200 products compared with last January. They also revealed a partnership with 23 automotive companies – including 9/10 top brands to help them venture their cloud based platform into the land of automotive listening.

So day 3 was a success, a long may the startup craze continue. It’d be interesting to see how the new players match up to the giants of the tech world. Tune in for more news on Engadget Finalists coming soon.