Sony, Yahoo and Audi stole the show on the second day of CES 2014, bringing a whole new line-up of news and technological innovation to the Las Vegas event. Sony started off their talk by announcing that they had sold an impressive 4.2 million consoles since the launch in November, outselling the Xbox One by 1.2 million units – game on! Sony also revealed a series of cloud based services such as ‘Playstation Now’ that allows gamers the ability to access their favourite games when they’re away from their PS3 or 4 on other devices like tablet PC’s. Continuing the trend of digital services, Yahoo unveiled their new smartphone app ‘Yahoo News Digest’ which will send readers two daily bundles of personalised news.

The second day also saw a wave of innovative gadgets such as a Wi-Fi doorknob which tells you who’s at the door via a smartphone app. But one of the biggest surprises was Audi’s integrated tablet ‘The Audi Smart Display’ which enables passengers to use the tablet for navigation and as a remote control for various ‘infotainment’ purposes. The second day of CES has shown significant advances for the cloud world, whatever next?!