The concept of data centre tiers can be overwhelming and confusing but they needn’t be. They consist of a four-tier ranking system and are there to evaluate the quality and dependability of a data centre’s server hosting ability. Additionally, the different levels of service have different levels of downtime a year – the lower the tier, the higher the rate of downtime. However, we at Iguane Solutions are proud to announce that we are the only company in France, to achieve a tier three data centre!

Iliad engineered a sufficient system in order to accomplish tier three; as of this they have gained a higher level of security and efficiency for our current and prospective clients. Our very own Stephane Enten says ‘this certificate shows the engineering they have been doing for two years is a success as we are showcasing a quantitative and qualitative distinction of Iguane’s service’. We have had a great helping hand from Iliad who own our datacentre, as our partnership with the company gave us a boost in catering proficiently to our clients’ needs.

So what’s in store for the future? Many customers are unaware and confused by data centre tiers, by frequently asking the same questions about the level of security and how powerful their densities are. However, we believe that one day we will reach a society where consumers will be aware of the levels of service available and they will request a service of their choice. The only way is up.