The Velocity is a conference about web performance and scalability organized by O’Reilly. It gathers web professionnals and performance experts to talk about best practices and experiences to enhance web performance.

Many experts of web performance and infrastructure management, from small companies to big names like Amazon, GitHub or rackspace came to talk about these issues. We won’t cover the whole event, but here are some of the most interesting talks that you can watch from the event site:

  • Mikey Dickerson (U.S. Digital Services Team) came back on the failure of the launch of website. Putting himself one year later, he talk about how the team managing this website had to cope with the load on the website, and how they transformed the launch errors into a working platform.
  • Tim O’Reilly also talked about the issue: from the observation of the lack of DevOps, he came to talk about the importance of DevOps, and other people involved into the platform management.
  • Jeff Sussana (Ingineering.IT) talked about the promise theory and complex distributed systems. From the relationship between systems, people and organizations, he talked about how companies can deliver quality service, and introduced the promise theory, bringing real-case scenarios to his speech for demonstration.
  • Lara Hogan (Etsy) presented devices lab, and more precisely the management of such labs. Her talk introduced how to choose devices, set up the lab and associated accessories, the process of imaging the devices and how, in a multi-user environment, the management of all devices and the usage rights can be handled.
  • John Willis (Stateless Networks) spoke about how, after Chef and infrastructure automation, the same principles that hit the servers are coming to the networks: virtualization, softwarization, automation – shortly, DevOps in the network.
  • Maximiliano Firman (ITMaster Professional Training) made his talk around mobile web performance. The talk highlighted method of developement of fast web applications, by using the right tools, using performance measuring tools, identifying bottlenecks, best practices and common slow-down errors to deliver optimal performance in the web world.
  • Finally, Camille Fournier (Rent the Runway) presented way of enhancing performance of one’s business without having to clone ourselves.

We was present on this event for present our managed services and our new business software