From September 11 to 16 took place in Amsterdam the IBC. This event gathers professionals of online streaming, broadcasting and electronic media who participate in multiple conferences and exhibitions. This event, to which more than 55,000 persons attend, present the future of the broadcasting business. Iguana Worldwide was among the attendees. The big highlight of the event was the BigScreen, a showcase of the state of the art of the digital cinema technology, where companies presents new amazing products to the attendees.

Christie presented its 6P laser colour system, a 3D screening system featuring a better quality. Completed by a new sound system by Dolby, the audience could enjoy two full featured length films with a quality never seen before. The IBC awarded some innovative projects in the domain of broadcasting. Some awards focused on the sports domain and the last football World Cup: FIFA TV received one of these awards for the progression of the World Cup coverage which never stopped enhancing since the first World Cup. Ericsson was also featured in the sport domain for the amazing coverage of last World Cup and the large amount of technology it used to cover the event, broadcasting it in exceptional quality – 4k, 8k, 360˚ video. 14 companies from over the world joined Ericsson as they helped achieving this technological effort. Another featured recipient of the IBC awards was the Vienna State Opera.

The IBC rewarded the Opera for its online service, which broadcast 40 live productions a year, and featuring its services for multiple devices and qualities. The IBC was a huge event with a large number of attendees, exhibitors, conferences and new technology – it would be impossible to cover it all in one blog post. You can see more about this event and the amazing things presented there at

We was present on this event for present our transcoding solution VDOencode and our new streaming and downloading features (DRM, security, encryption, …)