From September 10 to 15 took place in Amsterdam the IBC. Due to its impressive size, this event dedicated to the industry of radio and television broadcasting (and by extension the creation of any kind of audiovisual content) is often considered the European equivalent of the famous NAB Show, taking place April in Las Vegas. This event, to which more than 58,000 people attend, present the future of the broadcasting business. Iguana Worldwide was among the attendees.

The headlights themes for the 2015 edition :

  • Broadcasting and new media
  • Content Innovation
  • Second display

For this 2015 edition, Canon has unsheathed first with the announcement of a new ultra wide-angle optics for 4K cameras and the introduction of CMOS sensors prototypes of 120 megapixel APS-H and 250 MP. Besides increasing resolutions and therefore the future of digital content storage, we could see as the major axes of the sector on capture process (drones, multicam), compression system (H265 / VP10) and broadcast / security (unified DRM and multi-devices)

International Honour for Excellence Price was awarded this year to ARM by the IBC Council which Peter Owen, the Chairman of the IBC Council, said: “Mobile devices have proven to be a technology of rupture and transformation for the media sector. Smartphones and tablets owe their existence to RISC processors. ”

During our stay at this event we presented our transcoding solution VDOencode and our new streaming (adaptative process and multi-screen output) and broadcasting/security features (DRM, security, encryption, …)