Our clients in the press

This month we are proud to showcase some of our client projects, which made it to the press. Living the change The world is in a constant change. But you, as an individual, you may not be able to notice this. BNP Paribas’s project, Living the change, is here to help you with that. Through

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Weekly Tech Picks 24th-31st March 2014

Here are our top picks from the world of tech last week. Lots of interesting releases but our favourite was a little ‘out-there’ this week – the magic transparent iphone. Read our other picks here: – Transparent iphones is the new patent filed by Apple. It plans to project live video images via an app’s background from

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Weekly Tech Picks 17th-23rd Feb ’14

Facebook buying WhatsApp was the big headline which dominated our screens, but here is a roundup of our picks from last week which we think should not be missed!   – Comcast and Verizon customers announced that they were having severe trouble with streaming Netflix due to Netflix’s change in measurements, a possibility of the ISP’s

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