International CES ’14 Day 4: Final round-up

“The internet of things is having its breakout year and it is this year that it will become a mainstream ecosystem and set of technologies” said independent consultant Larry Downes. As CES 2014 draws to a close, we’re focusing on the top revelations that this year brought with it. It’s been a busy one, some gadgets

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International CES ’14 Day 3: Bite-sized news

CES 2014 day 3 brought with it some exciting new releases in the gadget sphere.  Sonny Vu, the founder of Misfit took an unassuming role within the huge conference space and took the opportunity to display a few samples of Shine, the company’s new activity monitor. Though the company and product are small they stood

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International CES ’14 Day 1 : Bite-sized news

We knew that big, technological releases would make an appearance this year, but to what extent, we didn’t know. Day 1 saw the launch of two interesting pieces of technology that could revolutionise the future of mobile gaming and further enhances the ever growing multi-screened universe. These were the Nvidia Tegra KL mobile processor and

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