Did you know?

64% of companies have reduced waste and have lowered energy consumption levels after shifting to the cloud? We know the New Year is over, but that’s something to celebrate surely?  By 2015, the internet will connect 2.5 billion people and more than 15 billion devices. Will cloud be there every step of the way? Iguana

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PS4 – Great Games Everywhere

  By now you will all be deep into the game play of your favourite new gifted games on what was one of the most highly anticipated consoles of 2013 – the PS4! Playstation boss Andrew House expressed his thoughts on the PS4 launch and what’s in store for their cloud gaming services. Sony’s 2014

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The Cloud & the Future Success of Startups

With a new wave in startup activity that’s only continuing to grow, innovation and entrepreneurship is seeking out new ways to best use cloud. ‘Cloud computing is more than technology, it’s a business model that fundamentally changes how businesses operate and more to the point, changes how they get started.’ The future of startup companies,

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