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Lift and Shift

Migrating an existing application to the Cloud can appear easy at first, but once you start, you soon realize that there is a whole new environment you need to get a good grasp on. Trying to figure out how to handle the migration, setup and environment optimization by yourself will often end up in a waste of time and money while also producing poor results.

Through years of experience, we mastered the migration of legacy platforms to Cloud environments.

We will find the most optimized way to migrate your application, reduce your down-time, control your costs and translate your existing processes (Security policies, backup policies, environment segregation...) by leveraging AWS managed services.

White-glove onboarding


Review your needs and expectation


Collect and review of you business and technical metrics


Planning your future needs based on your roadmap


Design and review of your platform

Cloud Native

If you’re thinking about building a Cloud Native application, the design phase of your project might be one of the most critical. Picking the wrong technology for a specific use case might lead to a lot of wasted time for your development team and impact your time to market.

Our AWS Certified Solution Architects can help you select the right technology for your objectives based on their years of training and experience. If you’re still torn, our Engineering team can quickly benchmark different solutions to offer you more data to drive your decision.

Automation from day one

Infrastructure As Code

Manage and provision your infrastructure in a programmatic way. Keep track of any change through versioning.

Container Optimization & Security

Store and distribute your docker images through a local and dedicated container registry.


Large panel of tools to help you deploy and manage your application more efficiently.

Configuration Management Systems

Managed configuration management system to deploy and provision your software configuration files faster and safer than ever.


Whether you migrated a legacy platform to the Cloud or you built a Cloud Native application, you need to constantly update and optimize your platform to control your costs, leverage AWS latest features and improve the overall platform efficiency.

Platform optimization is at the core of our DevOps culture and we make you benefit from our global experience to advise you on the latest tech trends.

Our engineers ensure the optimal performance of your platform


Infrastructure only : management and monitoring of the network and hardware / virtualization only

Managed services

Managed services : industrialized and automatization of the deployment and run of services


Cooperation : shared root access, shared code base and knowledge base

Rest of time

The DevOps engineer split his time between managing the platform and continuously improving the tooling in order to increase the platform availability, deployments, security, monitoring and alerting.

Managed Cloud

Architecturing and building your AWS platform correctly is just the beginning. You need to be able to manage that platform efficiently 24/7.

Our team of certified DevOps can relieve your developers from the recurring maintenance tasks and build for them the tools they need to gather precious information to help them build a better product such as monitoring metrics, logs etc.

Just like your application, your platform needs to be continuously improved

Managed Services Usage

Managed Services for build & run

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration / Deployment with automated tools


Artifact and Shared Documentation

Metrics aggregation, Tracing

CloudWatch and Sismology Empowerment

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