Our values

We work with you to together define the  best suited solution to your needs, taking into account your projections and weighing them up against our experience.


Our team is dedicated to our customers 24/7/365!
From 10 AM to 7 PM (UTC+1) by mail, other time by phone.


Our team includes 3 types of profiles: level 1, support technicians, level 2, system and network administrators and level 3 system and network architects.


All requests must be a preliminary email to our support, then our team has to handle the demands within the next 4 open hours. 


Our company has more than 19 years of experience in hosting and managment services and some of our seniors team members even more..

Meet Our Amazing Team

The most important asset of any internet services company is definitly its team. Meet our board of executives composed only with highly experienced professionals.  

Iguana’s timeline

We were born in 2000 with the new millenium, a lot happened since,
here are some of the most significants events..  

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    New Investors

    15 years after its creation, Iguana Solutions USA raised funds for the first time, from Xavier Niel, Daniel Marhely and Eric Cohen, three renowned personalities of the digital that become significant shareholders.

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    New head quarters

    Due to our growth, we moved our headquarters to a new and much cosier location where we are ready to welcome new employees for the next 3 years..

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    Opening a global presence

    With Iguana Solutions USA set-up in the US, several Points of Presence are open all over the world in stragtegic places our such as Singapore for Asia, Moscow for Russia, Sydney for Australia, and of course, New York for US.

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    The founding of Iguana Solutions USA

    4 years after the rebirth of the company, Iguane Solutions expands its presence outside Europe with a subsidiary in New York City in the begining of 2012. The idea was to be present worldwide so Iguane Solutions US subsidiary is named Iguana Solutions USA..

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    Eastern countries

    After New York, we started to work with start-up in Moscow (Russia) trying to understand the new Russian Internet market. 

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    Becoming Global

    With strong team and infrastructures in France, we decided to devote a significant part of our international growth. We started with a New York point of presence in 2010.

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    Becoming Iguane Solutions

    While Dailymotion is spined-off from Iguane Studio, Stéphane Cohen, with more than 10 years experience in hosting business, becomes a partner and the new CEO of the company. Iguane Studio becomes Iguane Solutions and drop all webagency activities to focus on hosting and managment services. 

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    Spin-off Dailymotion

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    The founding of Iguane Studio

    Iguane Studio was founded by Benjamin Bejbaum in 2000. At the time, the company is an innovative web agency driven by young passionate geeks..

Why Should You Choose Us ?

There are a lot of web hosting companies, but they are not all the same, when we first built Iguana, we wanted to build a hosting resource for serious entrepreneur and businesses so we knews that everything we did must add to their competitive advantage.

Great Clients

Because great clients will allways speak more than any marketing argument.. We would like you just to have a look to our Portfolio. 

Single Worldwide Ressource

We can assist you in your worldwide growth since we are already on three continents for many years. 

Great Infrastructures

We have the most demanding critera for every city we enter. We are rigourous in selecting data-center, installing state of the art servers and establishing great network performance.


Great Team

We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team. Each and every one of them represent the spirit of our company.


Out of our experience, we have built an amazing Business Intelligent Software and client interface system.

Dedicated Support 24/7/365

Our team is dedicated to our customers 24/7/365! (from 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT+1) by mail, phone and skype other time by phone)