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IFA – International Electronic Exhibition

What is the IFA?

The history of the “Funkausstellung” begins December 4, 1924, with the first “Grosse Deutsche Funkausstellung”. The event was attended by 242 participants and 180,000 visitors and occupied a space of 7000 square meters. The “Grosse Deutsche Funkausstellung” took place then every year the radio there keeping the lead, completed in 1928 by television demonstrations.

Since 1971

This show took place in Berlin until the interruption of World War II. After the war, he had no fixed location for a number of years. The fair is held in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt / Main and Stuttgart, before he returned, now in Berlin since 1971.

The most important fair in Europe:

History books refer IFA 95 as the first truly multimedia lounge. In the following years, exhibitors resolutely pursued in this direction, showing that the most important fair of Europe had become a full exhibition area of consumer electronics, but also telecommunications and part of the information technology industry.

IFA 2016:

For over six days (from 2 to 6 September 2016), nearly 1490 exhibitors from 48 countries will offer a comprehensive overview of consumer electronic products and services.

Iguana Worldwide was present at this important event with many of its key partners.

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